Conference Programme

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Panel A: Wordplay
Chair: Christopher O’Hara

Eleanor Mitchell (University of St Andrews):
“the play’s the thing”: Woolf’s Playful Writing Practices

Valery Goutorova (University of St Andrews):
Pleasure in Wordplay: Queer Desire in the Letters of Virginia Woolf

Emma Gommis (University of Cambridge):
Critical Laughter: The Use of Puns and Parody in Contemporary Women’s Experimental Art Writing

Panel B: Form
Chair: Connor McGrath 

Aleksandra Violana (University of Cambridge):
Playing with Transparency

Honor Hamlet (University of St Andrews):
A Dildo Cast from Life: Bleak and Violent Pleasures

Laura Greene (University of St Andrews):
Idealist Aesthetics in George Eliot’s “A College Breakfast Party” and 
“The Legend of Jubal”
Panel A: Art & Materiality
Chair: Lauren Robbins

Vicky Panossian (University of Warwick):
Play and Vulnerability as Migrant Activism: The Case of Little Amal

Luke Ford (The New School):
Walt and Walter: Disney, Benjamin, and the Total Work of Art

Hemdat Kislev (University of St Andrews):
Playfulness and the Pleasure of Failing in Marcel Duchamp’s Readymades

Panel B: Performance & Transgression
Chair: Valery Goutorova

Taylor Jeoffroy (University of Dundee):
“Playing” with Gender in Early Restoration Comedy: Non-Binary Language and Queer Pleasure

Connor Johnston (University of Cambridge):
Queer Masochism and Agency in The Well of Loneliness and Beyond

Michela Esposito (University of St Andrews):
Safeword ‘Blitz’: Elizabeth Bowen’s Kink
Panel A: Female Desires
Chair: Laura Greene

Andreea Moise (University of Bucharest):
“A Blue Like No One Else’s”: The Erotics of Mourning and s/Sapphic Affect in Ali Smith’s Artful

Nicole Sellew (University of St Andrews):
This is Pleasure: Gender and Desire in Contemporary Autofiction

Phoebe Macindoe (University of St Andrews):
The Love-Hypothesis Hypothesis

Panel B: Games & Gaming
Chair: Amy H. Ahn

Oded Feuerstein (Tel Aviv University) :
Should Imperialism be Pleasurable? The Complicated Politics of Historical Gaming

Dylan Chng (University of Cambridge):
Playing at Be(Com)ing: Metanarrative Autofiction in Dimension 20's Neverafter (2022-2023)

Léa Lecocq (University of Cambridge):
Playing Against the Rules: The Subversion of Interactive Storytelling in 
The Stanley Parable
Keynote Lecture
Panel A: Mediascapes
Chair: Zehra Kazmi

Christopher O’Hara (University of St Andrews):
“If you catch it, can you kill it?”: Pleasure in Sacrifice from Acéphale to Z'EV; or, Trance and Fugue: The Anti-Capitalist Joy of Wasted Time and Wasted Bodies

Leila Dara (University of Exeter):
BORIS BOP: Unpacking Political Satire Music Videos

Laurisa Sastoque (University of Cambridge):
“This AI will heat up any club”: Reggaetón Music on the TikTok Platform and the Rise of the Cyborg Genre

Panel B: Subversive Play
Chair: Nilanjana Goswami

Mishael Knight (University of Cambridge):
Play in Utopia, Play as Utopia

Salma Yassine (University of Exeter):
The Role of Colloquial Arabic in Mediating Pain, Power, and Pleasure in Queer Sexual BDSM

Sarah Jean Abernethy (University of Cambridge) :
Becoming Lady Happy: Reading as Escapist Embodiment & Margaret Cavendish’s The Convent of Pleasure
Panel A: Body & Sexuality
Chair: Nilanjana Goswami

Annabel Crawshaw-Brown (University of St Andrews):
Sex and Social Status in Apuleius’ Metamorphoses

Roisin Neenan (University of St Andrews):
Oral Play and (Dis)pleasure in Algernon Charles Swinburne’s Poems and Ballads

Milo Farragher-Hanks (University of St Andrews):
‘Never Get Away With That In Hollywood’: The Ecstasy of Hedy Lamarr

Panel B: Playful Poetics
Chair: Lucy Turton

Abigail McCabe (University of Massachusetts) :
Play and Anthropocene Narrative in Alice Oswald’s Dart

Sam Hickford (University of St Andrews):
John Clare and John Burnside: play as polemic

Connor McGrath (University of St Andrews):
The Image of the Hawk in the poetry of Thom Gunn, Ted Hughes, and Seamus Heaney